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About Us

The College Sports Council is a national coalition of coaches, athletes, parents, and fans who are devoted to preserving and promoting the student athlete experience.

Activities of the organization include:

  • Saving sports programs.
    Members of the CSC have comprehensive, hands on experience in working with college programs threatened with termination. The CSC is the only national multi- sport coalition devoted to the preservation of collegiate athletic teams. 
  • Title IX reform.
    The CSC is the leading organization working for reform of Title IX regulations that have led to the widespread elimination of opportunities for male athletes.


"The Friends of Binghamton Wrestling made its first call to the CSC when we heard that our wrestling program was about to be discontinued. The CSC helped us formulate a plan to fight the proposed cancellation. It was invaluable to have an organization to turn to that had successful experience fighting the elimination of sports programs."
- Joe Marinucci & Sal DeSantis, Co-Chairmen,
Friends of Binghamton Wrestling

"The College Sports Council has been valiant and steadfast in their opposition to universities that offer up men's Olympic sports teams as 'sacrificial lambs' on the altar of gender equity. I would hope that all in the swimming community who care about saving teams would support the CSC."
- Timothy J. Powers, Former President,
College Swimming Coaches Association of America

"USA Wrestling is proud to work closely with the College Sports Council, and we encourage all within wrestling to support its programs. It will be a tremendous investment in protecting wrestling programs in the future."
- Rich Bender, Executive Director,
USA Wrestling

"I've been fortunate to work with the College Sports Council for several years now, and I know how hard they work, not only to preserve sports opportunities, but to provide increased opportunities for those who are interested in participating at the college level. We are lucky to have the CSC."
- Mike Burns, Vice President,
College Gymnastics Association

"The NWCA has an absolute belief that the College Sports Council is playing a pivotal role in developing alternatives in Title IX enforcement strategies. We encourage the wrestling community to financially support the CSC."
- Michael Moyer, Executive Director,
National Wrestling Coaches Association

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