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NCAA's Myles Brand, quota advocates speak out of both sides of their mouths on Title IX change
03/24/2005  Gary Abbott  USA Wrestling

Some people aren't satisfied even when you do what they ask. Then again, when that happens, perhaps those people were talking out of both sides of their mouths, anyway.

Coaches Praise New Title IX Reform
03/22/2005  Jim McCarthy, (202) 296-0553  College Sports Council

The College Sports Council, a national coalition of coaches, parents and athletes is praising action taken by the Department of Education to reform the way Title IX is being enforced.

Women's hoops not helped by gender quotas.
All 64 teams in the 2005 NCAA Div. I women's basketball championships existed prior to 1979, when the federal government first introduced proportionality as part of the three-part test. Therefore, not one of these teams benefited from the gender quota.

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