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CSC says Ivy Leagues tradition of supporting broad based athletic programs is at risk

Contact: Eric McErlain

April 22, 2011

WASHINGTON, D.C. - April 22, 2011 -The following statement can be attributed to Eric Pearson, the Chairman of the College Sports Council:

The battle to save the soul of college sports has now moved to Providence.  A committee at Brown University has just recommended that the school eliminate its fencing, wrestling, and skiing teams.  The university plans to reduce its number of recruited athletes by 13%. The committee report stated that the lower number of admissions slots for recruited athletes would be more consistent with the necessary alignment between our athletic program and our overall educational goals.

Brown is a member of the Ivy League. According the league website: the Ivy League provides intercollegiate athletic opportunities for more men and women than any other conference in the country ... averaging more than 35 varsity teams at each school. The Ivy League model for sponsoring sports places the value of education through athletics at the core of its mission.

Every Ivy League graduate who participated in varsity athletics should be concerned about this decision. If any other Ivy school decides to follow Brown's example in proposing to eliminate multiple teams then the Ivy League tradition of supporting broad based athletic programs will be at risk.

The College Sports Council is a national coalition of coaches, parents, athletes and alumni.  It is the nations leading voice advocating reform of Title IX enforcement.  Follow us on our blog, our Twitter feed or Facebook.

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